About Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders (1963) Ltd

Established in 1963 as Brookebond Tanganyika Ltd, managed by London based Brookebond Group of Companies until when it changed ownership to Tanzania Tea Blenders Ltd run by the Government through Tanzania Tea Authority (T.T.A).

In September 2002, the Government sold it to a private company which later changed its name to TANZANIA TEA BLENDERS (2002) LTD.

In October 2008,Tanzania Tea Blenders (2002) Ltd merged with Al-Seer Trading Co. Ltd (Dubai) and changed name to Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders (1963) Ltd.

For 52 years, the company has fulfilled the shopping needs of families throughout Tanzania with freshness, quality, variety and value in the Tea & Coffee product ranges.


To Be The Largest Hot Beverage Company in East and Central Africa By Providing Quality Products and Solution by 2020.




Grow in Volume
Grow in Value
Grow in Margin
  • Blending and packing of teas.
  • Packing Instant Coffee Powder.
  • Roasting, grinding and packing pure coffee.
  • Packing Cereal Drink.
  • Marketing and selling company’s products

Is Certified by M/s Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

ATCB has IMO Certificate for Processing & Marketing of Organic products.

The company is I.S.O 9001:2008 certified.

All ATCB Products  are TFDA certified.

Awarded in 2002 the “Arch of Europe” award in Frankfurt, Germany for our High Quality Products.

ATCB Receives Top Rank Exhibitor Awards From Tanzania -Trade Authority for Dar Es Salaam International Trade Fair

Corporate Achievements