Africafe 1.6 gm Sticks

Africafe 1.6 gm Sticks


1.6 gm of Pure instant Coffee in each Sachet, enough for one cup. Can add creamer and sugar  as per taste. Ideal for Offices, Hotels & restaurants.

  • 5 Long Sachets of 1.6 Grams each
  • Each Sachet is Good for Single Cup of Africafe Coffee
  • Best Sample
  • You can Add more Sachets below

Available in 50gm Packets (25 sachets) and  100gm packets  (50 sachets)





  • 5 Sachets of 1.6 Grams each.
  • Each Sachet can make a Cup of Africafe Coffee
  • Good as Sample
  • You can Add more Sachets below


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