Africafe Khanga Pouch (Kilimanjaro Blend Beans) -400GM

Africafe Khanga Pouch (Kilimanjaro Blend Beans) -400GM


100% Pure Arabica Ground Coffee, Dark Roast, Coarse Grind. Packed in an Aluminum Foil Sealed for freshness and covered with Original Masai Cloth. Made to use with a French Press.Enjoy coffee at its best. Perfect as a  souvenir gift item, or with French Press in hotel rooms or lodges.

Available in pouches of 30 gm (2 pc of 15 gm each)



Africafe Kilimanjaro Blend comes from the rich volcanic soil of Mount Kilimanjaro. At altitudes of 4000-6000 feet, Arabica beans are grown by local families. The coffee is milled and sun-dried. The commitment to excellence by the coffee growers and millers bursts through in the cup.


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