African Pride Vanilla Tea

African Pride Vanilla Tea


AfricanPrideVanillaTeabagsT&S(25T/BAGS)-Ingredient-BlackCTCteawithNatural Vanilla

African Pride Vanilla Tea is unique blend of black tea and slices of real vanilla beans. The flavor of the tea leaf is rich and dark while the flavor of the vanilla is mellow, rich, sweet and mysterious with caramel- like depth resulting in a rich but smooth tea drink.

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Authentic vanilla bean slices bring visual beauty and exotic flavor and combines with our quality African Pride tea base to produce a tea with an exquisite smooth flavor that incorporates notes of dark rum, sweet earth and tropical flowers. Warm notes of vanilla are sure to help you unwind after a long day. Both smooth and exotic, this African pride vanilla tea is great served with buttered toast as a special morning treat.


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